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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 11, 2016 10:30am-12:31pm EDT

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>> we are out of order, we just need you to read the amendment. please. it passed. >> you can be ... it's a unity amendment man. it's a unity amendment. you to . [inaudible] yes, if we want to be here until wednesday. [inaudible] i agree that we should. >> may i have a point of personal privilege? >> read the amendment, because there's a question about it. >> i did read it. i will read it again. page 11, line 41, strike "explore reforms of the civil asset forfeiture system" and civil assetrm the forfeiture system to protect people and remove perverse
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incentives for policing for profit." >> that is what passed. >> that is what passed, ma'am. >> thank you ver amendment 168 has been amthdrawn. amendment number 175 has beenn withdrawn. amendment number 131 has been withdrawn. amendment number 52 has been withdrawn. amendment number 132 have been withdrawn. amendment number 31, it's a
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little farther back in the packet. that amendment has been withdrawn. >> excuse me, i'm sorry i was distracted, is that the end? >> yes madam chair a 15 minute break. thank you very much. >> our road to the white house coverage continues later today with donald trump in virginia beach, virginia, and be talking about veterans issues. see that event live starting at 1 p.m. eastern right here on c-span2. and the republican national committee starts a week of meetings today prior to their convention is later this month. today they'll focus on the party platform. live coverage on c-span starts at 2 p.m. eastern. and the u.s. congress is back for their final week before the summer break. day the house can considering a
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temporary funding issue for aviation expires on friday. also interior department spending and a vote on a senate passed food labeling bill. legislative work underway 2 p.m. eastern time in the house on c-span. u.s. senate is back today 4 p.m. eastern. lawmakers will continue to debate on the 2017 defense spending bill. a vote is scheduled for tomorrow, to move ahead with that bill. that temporary taa funding extension is due on senate floor after house action. and a bill to prevent opioid abuse also on the agenda this week zika. live coverage here on c-span2. could 5g community around a the corner? jeff welled or says u.s. must lead the world to develop it. tonight, on the communicators frontier communications executive kathleen alabama talks
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about 5g and discuss why 5g is needed for internght of things and virtual reality. she's joined by communications daily executive, senior editor howard buskirk. >> the goal to say that we have the spectrum, we have the vision theme about where we want to go with wireless and we're going to push ahead to ensure that the u.s. maintains its global leadership in the wireless arena. and i think that's terrific for our country. and in fact, i would argue at essential because this is one of those areas where u.s. global leadership has yielded tremendous benefits, economically, from a technological perspective and from a job perspective. >> watch the communicators tonight at 8 oorn on c-span2. we have more now from the dnc platform committee meeting. the group is finalizing party policy position for the
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presidential campaign. okay -- good afternoon.des >> thought i'd catch people's attention. anyway, as democrats we believe -- [inaudible] not yet. as democrats we believe that america's role as a leader for peace and prosperities in the world is essential to the success of our economy and our long-term security. as a leader, we know we are stronger when we work closely with our partners and allies. we reject the language of the republican nominee who seek to separate and divide us based on religion, ethnicity and national origin. and with these words, we introduce the section on principles of leadership, mr. chairman. >> that's section 10.
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i believe there are no amendment as, is that correct? >> that's correct. >> there you go. [applause] section 10 having been presented and with no amendments, we wille move to 11 supporting ours. troops, can we have an introduction please? >> thank you mr. chair. democrats believe the united states must reare main strongest military force in the world and we support a defense budget that allows us to meet our strategic we also believe we can support our service members best when we root out fraud and defense contracting. when we say we support our troops, in thes mean we support them throughout their lives inin thanks for their helpful service to our nation, and we support our military families. servi we remain steadfast in our support of programs and initiatives that address health,
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education, and long-term well being of our nation's veterans and their families that is a sacred bond. are there any amendments? >> yes, mr. chair. amendment 191 sponsored by bennie thompson on page 27, line 5. proposed amendment is to replace the following: as we look beyond the war withs in iraq and investigation in the conclusion of long-term nation building with large military foot prints, we will continue to get rid of outdated, cold war era systems and ensure our security with a more agile and more flexible source that will be replaced with the following. we will seek a more agile and flexible force, advancing our objectives in iraq and afghanistan without large u.s. military footprints, improving
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civilian capacity for conflict prevention, and stablization and ridding the military of outdated cold war era systems. dated > yes, the proposer has one minute. [silence] >> okay, it's coming. it's coming. sorry mr. chair. [inaudible] >> okay.y. one minute. going to give you a minute or two to may be an agreement on this. mr. chair, my understanding there's been a agreement reached
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in sanders campaign and put in the managers mark. so -- [applause] that means that 191 is being withdrawn and in a managers mark which will take up later. >> thank you mr. chair. >> any other amendments with respect to this section. if there is 27 can you read it please? >> yes mr. chair had. 27 sponsored by rand on page 27, line 24 proposed amendment is to add after the word wounds of war, the following: for all veterans serving on land, sea, or in the air in combat zones. the proposer has one minute. >> i'm going to withdraw this, proposer has withdrawn, that's the entirety of the amendments that come before us in itsy current form both having been withdrawn. >> that is correct. >> going to move --
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that's another section that we've now completed and we're going to go to global threat. mayor lee. >> still in order to protect our country, democrats are are fully committed to a wide range ofal resources including coalitions,g partnerships, diplomacy, and development, and combating climate change, and we will strengthen our homeland security, wisely and firmly with those who seek to imperial america or partners, deter aggression and promote peace. thank you mayor. kourtney are there amendments to this section? >> there are mr. chair. >> would you read the first ande passed out? all right, okay. the package that you're looking forward to take up this section
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has 83 on the front. got it now? not -- we have a few that have -- already coming down. he's right there, they're being passed out. we'll wait a minute.
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[silence] >> everyone have it? who does not? okay. all right kourtney, i thinkne final ones are being delivered, it is 83 i think we're going to put it up. kourtney would you read 83, please? >> yes, mr. chair, thank you. amendment number 83 has been withdrawn. >> there -- >> amendment number 97 sponsored by mia barry on page 29, line 6, proposed amendment is to strike
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the following, will not hesitato to take military action if iran violates the agreement andar insert the following: will work with the international community to resolve any potential dispute regarding implementing the new nuclear agreement. >> the maker has one minute to explain. >> thank you mr. chairman. my name is mia barry. the amendment language seeks to reject i'm sorry -- states the following we'll continues the work of this administration to ensure that iran never acquires a nuclear weapon, and will work with the -- >> close to this so people are having difficult. i apologize. >> no worries. >> we will continue to work with this administration to ensure that iran never acquires nuclear weapon and we will work with international community to resolve any potential disputes regarding implementing the nuclear agreement. the amendment is a simple one, simply to adjust language that won't accurate reflect the democratic party positions. >> the amendment has been offeru ad.
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do we have 15 seconds? we have 15 seconds, are there individuals who are going to speak in opposition in i understand there are individual who is will speak in opposition therefore begin 5 minute clock on the proposal side. >> thank you mr. chairman expressing support for the nuclear agreement treeched in iran in the recognition or for need to give full chance to be successfully implemented we strike language saying that u.s. won't hesitate to use military force. this kind of language is unconstructed. it is the kind of stable rattling that is not necessarily to be in the democratic party platform. we have heard repeatedly and it is accurate, this is aspirational document where goal should be peace and not war. [applause] further, the language seems to undercut and contradict the commitment made elsewhere in thd platform for war to be used as a last reare sort. taken side by side with the aggressive language to overall
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this is a cause for concern. i would also add that just as -- george w. bush perhaps during the iraq war didn't hesitate to use war. regrettably saw it claimed lives of half a million iraqis between 2003 to 2011 hundreds of american lives were lost including 22 veterans a day each by suicide. we have an obligation to simply state that there are alternative it is doesn't take violence offer the table, war off the table but suggest there are ways to allow diplomacy to i'd like to acknowledge -- >> thank you. [applause] >> additional proponents -- i would like to add -- >> additional proponents. >> i would like toe speak in support of the amendment. >> please. >> okay. >> i believe it's important for the democratic party to distinguish itself as a party of glom city and peace and not one of war.
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senator bernie sanders has hads pointed out, quote, we need a foreign policy based on buildiny coalition not perpetual warfare in the middle east it is important as party to take every party to distinguish ourselves from republicans especially their current nominee who is reckless war mongering promises future of insecurity for we americans and people of the world. iur the current language in the platform that this amendment wants to strike is simply too aggressive and sends the wrong message. we should use every opportunity in the platform to be clear about our commitment to diplomacy and thank you. [applause] >> proponent. >> christine kraimer from state of nevada, as a democrat, i believe that our platform should want to send my children to college and not to war. as long as we have -- about [applause] the selective service that requires my son to register for
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the draft in order to receive his student loans, the democratic party platform should not rattle or send my boy to war. >> proponent. please. >> mr. chairman, victoria from connecticut. i'm a veteran. i am a retired military physician. i have worked at the department of veterans affairs.we we cannot constant isly. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you, sir. >> we cannot constantly take war as the firsts resort for any international conflict that we have. we have to give peace a chance. i will tell you that after duty military and veterans are sick of being sent to war and then five years later when people have lost limbs, legs -- can you hear me i'm bellowing. when people -- >> there you go.
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>> when people lose life and limb and five years later we go well, maybe we shouldn't have shne that.t. it's time to stop this. it's time to think before we go to war rather than after we goat to war. one minute. >> john from nebraska. it's simple, folks. we will never make friends by dropping bombs on them. thank you. >> 30 seconds. >> done -- >> okay they're done. >> no, you can't.. if you want to use it -- i'll give you 0 seconds.second >> thank you mr. chairman, again, i would just lastly point out existing platform along seems to undercut iran agreement itself one that our president and then secretary state clinton work hard on. in section 36 of the agreement lays out a dispute resolution
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mechanism this section lays outt a series of diplomatic steps to be taken and concerns over implementation of the agreement. if these steps are insufficient the agreement says to dispute should go to u.n. security counsel. i asked that we stand with theri democratic administration and secretary of state at the time to negotiate. thank you. >> those in opposition have fivt minutes. [applause] >> thank you mr. chair, my name is nancy i'm a delegate from florida, representing proudly representing hillary i rise to speak in opposition to this amendment. we are about to launch -- reach the year anniversary ofhi the historic relations with the historic agreement with iran that stopped dead iran's nuclear path. this stopped its ability to race towards a nuclear weapon and kept israel safe and it brought us back from the nuclear war. this amendment does not reflect,
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the balance of that agreement which was painstakingly negotiated including by some members of our team in this room. i think we have to respect their judgment that this amendment undermines that.mb we are not for war.av we are for keeping iran from getting a nuclear weapon had is exactly what this agreement does. we have worked through the manager's mark, and come up with language that reflects a concern expressed by some of the proponents of this agreement. and it says that if military action would only occur if the iranians were to race towardsul achieving a nuclear weapon. amended to be precise if and when military action would be called for. of course, must be a last reare and our goal must be to vigorously enforce the nuclear deal to ensure that iran never attains a nuclear weapon and
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that's what the iran nuclear deal did. and that ensuring we will ensure that there are penalties forna even small violations if iran ever attempts to break out of that historic agreement.t. but rest assured, that if iran begins a race to a nuclear weapon, we cannot let that happen. and it's critical that we maintain all options, and that iran hears that we will maintain all options to prevent it from ever getting a nuclear weapon. we also have to make sure that the current leadership of iran clears -- cleeshly clearly understands we will take whatever steps too deter. our friends israel and nationalo security depends on that message being heard loud and clear. this amendment undercuts that message, and i urge that you should vote against this amendment and leave iran with the very clear impression that they have no doubt that it will
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never be able to acquire a nuclear weapon. i urge you are to vote against this amendment. thank you. [applause] [booing] >> hey. come on now . >> anyone who else wishes to be heard had oned issue. there are no further discussion of the issue. we will -- raise card let's raise cards. all in favor of the amendment,ur raise your card. those against. against has it. against has it. we'll do a 30-second because we've been asked we'll do a 30-second please put it up. if you're in favor of the amendment, you will vote ayedm against it nay as soon as it's up i'll ask you to vote. it is up.
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go. 15 seconds. the amendment failed. we have another amendment. read the amendment. hey. come on now. >> number 14 the sponsored by mark stanley on page 29, line 42. the proposed amendment is for this section to read as follows: we will also ensure our coherent strategy across federal agencies by building on the obama administration cybersecurity
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national action plan especially the empowerment of a federal chief information security officer the modernization ofof federal information technology, and upgrades to government-wide cybersecurity. >> proponent has one minute. excuse me. i keep saying moment. minute. >> mr. chairman i'm mark stanley from dallas. >> let me ask you, we have people here but we have people watching and so if you look this way, they'll see you. >> okay. i do want to thank the dnc for this very warm reception in orlando and in this room. [laughter] i do think that this amendmentth is a no-brainer. in recent years, several entities have been victimized by high profile cyberattacks. from anthem had to target to jpmorgan to personnel management and getting all of our records, our health records, and our financial records.
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often out of state, out of country culprits doing this, trying to steal secreting and trying to gain joe e-geopolitical advantage and doing all we can to prevent and remediate and our president issued a national security action plan to improve coordination on cybersecurity o within the government and within the private sector. and include a plan to hire the first ever chief enforcement or information security officer and it increase the budget by 35%. i think this is important to upgrade our cybersecurity defenses. i think it's a no-brainer and i hope people vote for it. >> i gave you a little extratt time because i don't think there's anyone going to speak against it. am i correct no one will spook against it. i'll call seconds -- 15 we have seconds i'll call for a vote raise your white card in in favor anyone wishing to be recorded in thing negative, one,
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two in the negative. two in the negative thank you. do we have another amendment? kourtney? >> yes, thank you mr. chair. >> amendment 155 sponsored by timmy wright on page 29, line 43. the proposed amendment is to rename the section, cybersecurity in online private and add the following language: democrats reject the false choice between privacy interest and keeping americans safe. we need liberty and security and each makes the other we will protect the privacy ande civil liberties of the american people. standing firm against the type of warrantless surveillance of american citizens that flourish during the bush administration and supporting recent reforms to government bulk data collection programs so that the government isn't sitting on millions of files that it collects and holds. >> has one minute to introduce. >>mr. chairman, tim wright from
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illinois as a lawyer, as atu constitutional lawyer, i asked that we support and pass this amendment protecting our privacy and civil liberties. [applause] >> thank you. that's the introduction. do we have 15 seconders. we have 15-seconders anyone going to speak in opposition? anyone going to speak in opposition with your permission i'll go directly to a vote. >> but i wrote a great speech. >> i'm sure you did. >> you get an a. [laughter] >> all of those in favor please raise your white card. those who wish to be recorded -- differently? b i think it passes with one objection. thank do we have an additional amendment? >> we, mr. chair. >> point of privilege. [inaudible] okay.
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>> all right so just when you use the microphone please speak up and everyone else try to keep it to a -- a low side bar. okay. kourtney, please. >> amendment number 166. sponsored by nancy sadderburg on 29 line 43 proposed amendment is for this section to read as follows, we support a national commission on digital security to bring together safety communities to address the needd of law enforcement, protect the privacy and security of all americans that use technology, assess how innovation might point to new policy approaches, and advance our larger national security and global competitiveness interest. >> the proponent has one minute to introduce. >> my name is nancy supporting
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hillary clinton. this amendment putting forward a national commission on digital security inkreption which will help us better develop a balance between the need to protect individuals personal informatiou as well as providing law enforcement the necessary information they need. >> are there 15 seconds? >> there are 15 seconds. is anyone intending to speak in opposition with your permission we'll go directly to a vote all of those in favor. i'm sorry -- you are going to speak in opposition. okay. you may stand up to five minutes speaking in favor or any portion thereof. >> thank you mr. chair. >> to explain why we're asking for your vote let me tick a brief moment and explain the l balance that this amendment achieves. encryption technologies are critical tools for protecting privacy and security of individuals personal information.
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at the same time law enforcement and intelligence professionalsls need access to information to keep our country safe. as was the -- apparent in the apple versus fbi case, encryption in that case of a device at rest and another context of data in motion and in toned conversations can be impediment to law enforcement obtaining the information it needs. and we recognize that this is a difficult balance in the middle of a conversation that we're having among ourselves including in this room. and we believe as this amendment suggest that the best way forward is through a commission on digital security that brings together law enforcement, security personnel, experts in technology from silicon valley to weigh out the best way forward. this commission would proposefo solutions that both protect the
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very important individuals private information while giving law enforcement and intelligent agencies the critical tools they need to protect our communitiesa lastly, these solutions should not undermine the very purpose of encryption itself. such as exposing our networks to hacking. this is a very important debate in our community, it deserves a commission to give all sides the appropriate balance, and i urge our members to support it. thank you. ... anyone else wishing to expres their support? >> the problem for me with this, it sounds very similar to a lot of language that was used to justify the nsa. [applause] and until there is clearer, more precise language, i cannot in
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good conscience support this, and i don't think anyone on should. after what we have learned about the nsa. let's not go there again. after what we learned about the ld you p >> i'm sorry, i'm patricia from alaska. >> okay. [applause] >> hi, mary from wisconsin. i am not an expert in this issue area, but this commission needs a lot further explanation. it looks like the gang-up on apple commission on the encryption issue which i know there's a lot of fist be candidated analysis on both sides, so i just wanted to say i'm very dubious about it. >> thank you. anyone else wanting to be heard in opposition? there's one other person? >> yes, thank you. steven woodruff from the northern mariana islands, and i
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just would say that i agree with the other persons who are opposing this, that the language is too vague and ambiguous, and the only way -- [applause] that i would support a commission like this is if we also had language in there calling for amnesty for mr. snowden. [cheers and applause] >> all right. any, anyone else? i'm going to call the question. all those in favor off the amendment, please raise your white card. would it would appear the ayes havee it, but let's see. all those in opposition? we're going to do a 30-second clock. please do not vote until i ask you to. we're going to get that one day. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> go.
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i'll add two seconds. we need it. [inaudible conversations] >> 15 seconds. [inaudible conversations] >> five seconds. the amendment passes. can you read next amendment, please. >> amendment number 198 has been withdrawn. amendment number 225 has been withdrawn. mr. chair, there are no more amendments in this section. >> thank you. [cheers and applause] >> i'm going to ask my co-chair to introduce protect our values with a statement. >> a statement from advocating for educational opportunities for women and girls and an end
11:05 am
to human trafficking, to nurturing of young leaders and protecting refugees. democrats know we must protect our values to insure a more secure, stable and peaceful world. our values of incolleague and tolerance -- inclusion and tolerance and our belief that all people are created equal inspire us to call for protections for religious minorities, universal rights and the decriminalization of hiv and aids laws. >> it is before us. are there any amendments? >> yes, mr. chair. >> thank you. >> amendment number 165 sponsored by roberta that actenberg on page 31, line 7. the proposed amendment is to add the following: democrats believe that lgbt rights are human rights and that american foreign policy should advance the ability of all persons to live with dignity, security and
11:06 am
respect regardless of who they are or who they love. we applaud president obama's foundational memorandum to advance the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons globally which combats criminalization, protects refugees, provides foreign assistance, responds quickly to abuses and engages international organizations on these rights. we will continue to stand with lgbt people around the world including combating efforts by any nation to infringe on lgbtt rights or ignore abuse. >> the proponent has one minute to introduce. [applause] >> thank you, mr. chairman, i'm roberta achtenberg from california in support of the hillary clinton campaign. >> you're going to have to -- there you go. >> lgbt rights are human rights, so secretary clinton declared in 2011, before the united nationsi human rights council, and told
11:07 am
the world's leaders that gay rights are human rights. and henceforth, this would be the foreign policy of the united states of america. [applause] may i complete? thank you, mr. chairman. that means our foreign policy should promote human rights of lgbt people around the world. it means that we should work to advance the ability of all people to live with dignity, security and respect regardless of who they are, who they love or where they live. thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you. [applause] are there 15 seconds? there are 1 seconds. is there -- 15 seconds. is there anyone who wishes to be heard in opposition? [inaudible conversations] in the absence of opposition -- >> i would like. >> go ahead. >> i would like to offer a friendly amendment to this. >> uh --
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>> lgb -- i'm sorry, lgbtq is how we identify ourselves. [applause] this whole document is lacking the q for queer. [inaudible conversations] >> great. >> we'll take that up, we'll take it up as a technical issue to the technical review processh i assume it'll be acted on, but there's not an amendment process that would allow it. i don't think nip's going to use one -- anyone's going to use one of their remaining amendments, but i'll refer it for technical review, okay? with that understanding -- [applause] with that understanding with respect to technical review all those in favor raise your cards. anyone wishing to be recorded in the negative?e just several. it passes nearly unanimously. thank you. [cheers and applause] are there any additional?
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>> there are no more amendments in this section. t >> so that means we've completed that one. [applause] we're back to the secretary of state of rhode island to introduce a leader in the world. >> thank you, mr. chairman. democrats firmly believe american leadership is essential to keeping us safe and our economy growing in the years ahead. our party's presidential nominee will guide us in deepening deliances with asian ya- asia-pacific countries, strengthening partnerships withh african nations and protecting the global economy. >> great. thank you. do we have amendments to this section? >> we do, mr. chair, thank you.r >> would you read the first. >> amendment 98 sponsored by
11:10 am
maya berry on page 33, line 44. the proposed amendment is after the words "provides theide palestinians with" add the following: an end to occupation and illegal settlements so they may live in -- [cheers and applause] >> okay. >> there goes. [applause] >> we have one minute to introduce. >> thank you, mr. chairman. colleagues, we've been very patient with each other.n i think this one doesn't have to be a difficult one. the occupation of the palestinian territories must end for israelis and palestinians to live in peace, security and dignity with mutually-recognized borders. the united states must be a credible peace broker.
11:11 am
this language simply adds thee following to sentence: will continue to work toward a two-state solution of the israeli/palestinian conflict negotiated directly by the parties that secures israel's future and recognize borders that provide the palestinians with an end to occupation and illegal settlements so that they may live in independent sovereignty and dignity. [cheers and applause] >> do we have 15 seconders? we have -- hold them up. do we have 15 seconders? we now will give -- i know that there are some people who will speak in opposition. i'm going to open your five-minute clock. at this point because this may be a contentious issue, does everyone have their clicker? [laughter] all right? are there any clickers -- are there any seats where people that you know have left permanently where there's a clicker? because be there is, i'm going
11:12 am
to ask that that be pucked up. do we have -- be picked up. do we have a clerk? [applause] all right. would you grab that? are there any -- you know, listen, just check. if there are seats where there's a clicker where you know the person has left, raise your hand. okay. so we don't have that. final provision i want to make, there are individuals who have votes, but they're fractional votes. if it is a particularly close vote, we will have to determine with respect to those individuals, and they represent territories, what percentage their vote counts. do you understand what i'm saying? [inaudible conversations] i think you do. so i'll say it again -- [laughter] i'll say it again, and i'll try to do a better there are territorial representatives who have fractional votes. so when the vote comes up, if it happens to be close, and i don't know whether it will, but if it happens to be close, before i will declare a winner or a loser
11:13 am
on that question, we will have t to determine if, how those fractional voters cast their votes which we will do it will just take us a few moments to review. that would probably come into question if it's a one or two-vote issue. i want to say that up front so that there's no misunderstanding at the end of any votings process. does everyone understand now? thank you very much. your five minutes begins. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i'm going to respectfully acknowledge again that this does not have to be a controversial, contentious amendment. [applause] we are simply stating a matter of there is an occupation. more than four million people live under occupation. i would suggest to you the following: for palestinians a two-state solution would be an independent, viable and sovereign state of their own, freedom to travel, to do business and govern themselves. palestinians would have the right to chart their own destinies at last.
11:14 am
the dignity -- i'm sorry, the indignity of occupation would end, and a new era of opportunity, promise p and justice would begin. that is the statement made by our third female secretary of state and the first female o nominee for president of the united states. that's secretary hillary rodham clinton. now, that's in 2010. if perhaps we could say the secretary maybe changed her mind, i offer to you the following: in the west bank, i got my first glimpse of occupation for palestinians. that's secretary clinton in herr book from 2014. this is not something that warrants us taking each other apart on. this is a is simple addition to the language that was passed in st. louis which i have to tell you i find many flaws with, but that's not the right now we're simply talking about making a factual t correction so we can acknowledge there's an occupation and thatth settlements are an illegal impediment to peace. i'd like to the acknowledge my colleague. [applause]wl
11:15 am
>> thank you. >> dear brother chairman, cornel west, new jersey. [applause] love you too. [cheers and applause] but i come from a people who have been terrorized andm stigmatized and traumatized for 400 years, and i was raised in a west family in the shiloh baptist church that taught me to tell the truth. and i would hope that we could proceed based on a double love. i think we ought to have a lovet for precious jewish brothers and sisters and a love for precious palestinian brothers and sisters. [cheers and applause] that's not a contradiction. that's not a contradiction. [applause] both groups have been terrorized and traumatized and stigmatized. but when you talk about occupation, if there was a palestinian occupation of i jewish brothers and sisters, we ought to be morally outranged. there's an israeli occupation of palestinian brothers and sisters, we ought to be outranged.y
11:16 am
this is an issue of our time. it has spiritual and moral implications. it's not just about politics, p not just about the next election. [applause] and for the younger generation is more and more becoming what vietnam was for the '60s or what south africa was for the '80s, but our challenge will be -- [cheers and applause] our challenge will be we must never tolerate one iota of anti-jewish hatred or sensibility or one iota of anti-muslim or anti-arab sensibility. can we walk that line? democratic party, you've been in denial for too pal stints ought to be free. [cheers and applause] >> two minutes. two minutes remaining. you better use it. two minutes. >> thank you -- [cheers and applause] >> two minutes. >> i want to add one additionala voice before i turn it over to another colleague. the mayor of tel aviv recently
11:17 am
made the polling statement, and i will quote him. we are a state, the only ones in the world with another people living among us under our occupation. denying them any civil rights. this is not a controversial it is a statement of fact acknowledged by people includin israelis who themselves acknowledge there is an occupation. [applause] >> one minute. >> my name is jane, and i am from oregon. and i would just like to add remarks. i also tried to write an amendment about this, and this is just personally how it strikes me. palestinians have a right just like israelis to independence, self-determination, sovereignty peace and dignity in their own land with recognized borders in their own viable state. palestinians everywhere in the region have an immediate human right to adequate, healthful food, clean and sufficient
11:18 am
water, adequate sanitation and ready access to medical care. [applause] they further have a human right to visas, permanent housing, schools and community institutions. and finally, they have a right to freedom of movement in order to easily access jobs, visit family and friends in other locations, engage in marketing and trade and not live under conditions of confinement or sieger. or siege. israelis and palestinians alike deserve security, recognitiones and a normal life free from terror and incitement. >> thank you. thank you.te [cheers and applause] that concludes that side. those who are opposed to the amendment have five minutes. >> [inaudible] >> please. >> thank you, mr. chairman. it's nancy again with the hillary campaign from florida. as the distinguished dr. west said, we must find a way to walk the line and help the israelis
11:19 am
and the palestinians achieve dignity, justice, democracy and independence, and this draft does exactly that. this was painstakingly negotiated over many months with our drafting committee. i ask my colleagues to read what is in there. in your current draft. palestinians should be free to govern themselves in their own viable state in peace and in dignity. this is the most progressive platform, the most balanced platform in the history of the democratic party. we should be proud of it. we have painstakingly done this. the only way we're going tour secure peace, dignity and justice for the palestinian people along with security for israel is through negotiations, and those negotiations have to be led by the united states. this proposed amendment -- >> [inaudible] >> listen -- we can't talk about tolerance if we're going to
11:20 am
interrupt a speaker. please. >> this amendment would undermine the ability of the next president of the united u states, hillary clinton, to lead the effort to negotiate an end to this conflict and an independent state for both.ct so i ask my colleagues to vote no. thank you. >> thank you. additional speakers? please, mayor. >> thank you, mr. chairman. steve benjamin. we should be proud of this draft platform. we step into new territory. the very first time that we put our party on record in support of two states, a palestinian o state, one with independence, sovereignty and dignity, and a free and democratic jewish state of israel. there are many difficult issues, and i've been to the middle east. i've been to both arab and the jewish country of israel.
11:21 am
there are many difficult issues to be negotiated. borders, security, jerusalem and refugees, they are difficult issues, and they all affect each other. ultimately, it's up to the palestinians and the israeli leadership to make the tough choices that must be made. we cannot and we should not identify one final status issue over others. the parties must negotiate. we cannot prescribe specific outcomes that undermines the entire deal. to end encourage peace, to realize -- to encourage peace, to realize peace, to support a fair two-state solution, we must defeat this amendment andat support the base text of the platform. we should be proud that our platform, the democratic partyrm platform, for the very first time supports the only path to two states, bilateral thantiations between israel and palestine. thank you. >> any further comment again? [applause] i want to thank the speakers for their presentations and the
11:22 am
respect that they have shown fot each other. with that, i'm going to -- we'll go immediately to electronic vote. we'll leave it up for 60 seconds. and we'll record the vote. can we get it up? please don't vote until such time as i ask you to. you may vote. let's be respectful. [inaudible conversations] >> be respectful, please. we had a very -- >> [inaudible] [inaudible conversations]onds.
11:23 am
>> please. 15 seconds. [inaudible conversations] >> okay. the amendment is defeated. do we have additional amendments? do we have an additional amendment? >> [inaudible] >> you are a guest. please take your seat. [inaudible conversations] >> okay. [applause] >> okay. >> amendment number -- >> please read the amendment. >> amendment number 100 -- >> we put ---- >> sponsored by maya berry. >> will the amendment come up, please? can we get it up? thank you. please read the amendment. >> thank you, mr. chair. >> you might have to do it loud. >> amendment 100 on page 34,
11:24 am
line 2, the probe posed amendment -- proposed amendment, excuse me, sponsored by maya berry. the proposed amendment states after the words "peace and dignity" add the following: we also call for an international effort to rebuild gaza which th, u.n. warns could bebe uninhabitable by 2020 and where poverty and hopelessness undermine peace and security for both palestinians and israelis. >> i'm going to ask you to read it a second time. >> amendment number 100 sponsored by maya berry on page 34, line 2. the proposed amendment states after the words "peace and dignity" add the following: we also call for an international effort to rebuild gaza which the u.n. warns could be uninhabitable by 2020 and where poverty and hopelessness undermine peace and security for both palestinians and israelis.
11:25 am
>> the speaker has one minute to introduce. s >> thank you, mr.-- [inaudible] thank you, mr. chairman. as the clerk read -- >> please, just identify yourself. >> i'm sorry. >> just -- >> my name is maya berry, originally from michigan, and now i'm from the state of maryland. as the clerk read, we call on the international effort to rebuild gaza which the united nations warns could be uninhabitable by 2020 and where poverty and hopelessness undermine peace and security for both palestinians and israelis.. that is the language of this amendment. >> thank you. are there 15 seconders? there are 15 seconders. will anyone be speaking in opposition? [applause] >> there'll be an opposition. five minutes are granted to the proponents of the amendment. five minutes. thank you. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i just want to start by noting that during our last -- because we don't have the opportunity to rebut -- we made the point about final status items need to not be in our platform.
11:26 am
our platform is full of final status items with regard to palestine and israel, and i think that's particularly problematic. this language addresses a humanitarian crisis in gaza. it is incumbent on our party to call for supporting the international effort to rebuild gaza.nana these efforts have been insufficient, slow, and we owe it to both israelis and palestinians alike to make this a priority. we will undermine the security of both palestinians and israelis if we cannot provide a vehicle for palestinians to live a dignified, free life. [applause] gaza has 43% up employment, 60% youth unemployment. gaza faces a humanitarian crisis. according to the u.n., 95% of gaza's water is not safe to t drink. oxfam estimates it will take more than 100 years to rebuild after the recent conflict. of the 1.8 million people live anything gaza, 100,000 still are
11:27 am
homeless as a result of the 19,000 homes that were destroyed. this is a city -- i'm sorry, this is a territory twice the size of d.c. this is a humanitarian plea to do the right thing. it does not impact the other language. it doesn't impact the conversation that happened in st. louis. it merely suggests that we have a heart and a compassion, and we're capable of applying it toe both palestinians and israelis. [applause]>> >> brother chairman, one of the grateful figures of the 20th century said indifference to evil is more evil than evil itself. [applause] and i'm talking about any slice of humanity no matter what color, what religion, what sexual orientation or gender. and when you're talking about gaza, you're talking about a level of such incredible misery and unbelievable suffering,
11:28 am
enduring the attacks just a fewu years ago over 2,000 were killed, over 500 babies were killed and -- [inaudible] for many of to you are political elites -- our political elites. what is going on within this country, what's going on among our elites, are we so paralyzed by money flowing or indifference in our hearts?. i would hope not. that's what the legacy of martin luther king jr. and so many others are all about. and if this party's going to pose and posture, and if it's got an even hand orientation, we will always say, no, you don't. you have to be equally concerned about our precious jewish brothers and sisters who have th deal with the crimes coming out of yes, hamas has to take responsibility for killing innocent people, and that's a crime against humanity, but so does the idf, the israelio defense forces, when they kill innocent folk on the other side. [applause] if we are not able to deal with
11:29 am
that, then we're in the same condition this party was in 80 years ago when it didn't want to deal with jim crow, deal with lynching, locked in a state of denial saying somehow these negroes are going to make it through with this misery. we refuse, i refuse to reach that same conclusion. [cheers and applause] that's why we ought to be concerned about gaza. >> thank you, dr. west. we have one and a half minutes remaining in the debate. one and a half minutes. [applause] one and a half minutes. >> nancy jacobson, florida. i rise in support of the amendment -- [cheers and applause], fl it is a humanitarian crisis, and this is when america is at its best, when we help others. in addition to the misery that we would seek to help, it's actually they're in despair, and despair breeds violence.
11:30 am
it is in israel's best interests for us to support this and to try to rebuild gaza, use our best efforts to do that. [applause] >> thank you. 30 seconds. >> my name is john yolken from -- yoakam from nebraska, and i don't want represent a candidate. i represent nebraska democrats. nebraska democrats believe that the people of gaza need salvation, and we can help them. let's help 'em. [applause] >> thank you. that concludes the five minutes. now we'll hear from those not in support of the amendment. >> thank you. good evening. phil from california speaking on behalf of the hillaryi delegation. we all agree the situation in gaza is a terrible tragedy and that gaza needs financial assistance to restore and
11:31 am
rebuild its economy. but the poverty and the hopelessness in gaza are not the result of the lack of support or desire to rebuild gaza. in fact, israel and the international community already provide and allow -- albeit not without significant difficulties -- for the flow of humanitarian aid including food, medicine, building materials, water and electricity to gaza. instead, as the platform suggests, the real key to ending the suffering in gaza is a two-state solution that does two things. one, provides palestinians with independence, sovereignty and dignity. and, secondly, that guarantees israel's future as a secure and democratic state with recognized borders. as a platform -- as the platform also suggests, this can only be achieved by direct negotiations between the two parties and their elected this is the only approach that will put an end to the suffering in gaza and bring stability and
11:32 am
dignity to the people who live there. and it's something we all must strongly support. the amendment, while drawing attention to the terrible suffering and plight in gaza, nonetheless distracts from this focus, and we urge opposition. thank you. >> do we have an additional speaker? are you for or against it? >> oh, i'm sorry. the for discussion has been had. these are the individuals who are arguing against the amendment.t. please proceed. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mark stanley from dallas, texas. i'm a hillary clinton delegate. i want to put a practical spin on this. there's no one who doesn't feel the compassion for people who are suffering.n' but the issue is that this platform has already been litigated. this particular provision has been litigated in the platform drafting committee and came up with a compromise platform statement on the middle east and on israel and the palestinians. if we take one issue, gaza, and
11:33 am
say let's open that up, then we have to open up all of the other issues that we want to talk about. in addition, we're only talking -- if you open up gaza, for instance, and talk about people suffering, you're not talking about the other side. you're not talking about missiles that are leaving gaza and hitting israel. you're not talking about tunnels that are going into israel where people are trying to kill israelis. you're not talking about gazans who are trying to take out the water and electrical facilities. why are we going to relitigate this now? it's been done. please vote against this amendment. [applause] >> anyone else wishing to be heard? against the amendment? you've already been heard. [applause] all right? if you could clear the aisle, we're going to go to a 30-second vote. if you would put the vote up, please. please, do not vote until i ask you to. please. [inaudible conversations]
11:34 am
>> please vote. [inaudible conversations] >> 15 seconds. [inaudible conversations] >> five, or five seconds. please. please. [inaudible conversations] >> all lives matter. >> okay. the amendment fails. do we have an additional amendment? >> we do. thank you, mr. chair. >> please read the amendment. >> amendment 162 has been withdrawn. amendment 114 sponsored by terry tucker on page 34, line 32. the proposed amendment is to insert after the word "economies" the following: democrats applaud president obama's national strategy for
11:35 am
combating wildlife trafficking and his commitment to preserving the earth's natural beauty for future generations. democrats support science-based management of iconic -- [inaudible conversations] >> hunting trophies that are not supported by current science-based evidence and are related to or funded by nonscientific special interests. >> thank you. i'm going to ask you to do that one more time. >> sure, no problem. >> thank you. >> amendment number 114 sponsored by terry tucker on page 34, line 32. the proposed amendment is to insert after the word "economies" the following: democrats applaud president obama's national strategy for combating wildlife trafficking and his commitment to preserving the earth's natural beauty for future generations. democrats support science-basede
11:36 am
management of iconic wildlife in africa including stronger regulations banning the importation into the united states of hunting trophies that are not supported by current science-based evidence and are related to or funded by nonscientific special interests. >> the proponent has one minute to speak. >> okay. my name is terry tucker, i'm from are colorado. i doubt very many people in this room know much about summit, but i do. i've worked in africa volunteering with big cat conservation for many, many years.nd i have a report by our democratic house natural resources commission that talks about this. let me read their summary very fast.ea on paper the countries examined in the record have equally strong frameworks for insuring that trophy hunt benefit species conservation. unfortunately, the implementation of these frameworks has, in many cases, been marred by corruption and has not produced the advertised
11:37 am
and desired results. the recent decision by the fish and wildlife service to ban imports of african elephant trophies from tanzania and zimbabwe is a promising development. however, the agency is not making full use of its significant authority to insure that american trophy hunters are not making a bad situation worse for african wildlife. i'd like to tell you a couple of things. everybody remembers cecil the lion. >> that's your one minute. let me ask you, are there 15 seconders? there are 15 seconders. is anyone desiring of being heard in opposition? anyone desiring of being heardo in opposition?n? with your permission, i'm going to call the vote. all those in favor of the language as proposed, please yoise your white card. anyone wishing to be on record as against? you've won the argument. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. [laughter] >> thank you. [applause] hopefully that takes it down a notch.t
11:38 am
>> courtney? >> amendment number 192 has been withdrawn. amendment number 226 sponsored by russell green on page 35, line 5. the proposed amendment is to insert a section called global climate leadership which reads: democrats believe it would be a grave mistake for the united states to wait for another nation to lead the world in combating the global climate emergency. in fact, we must move first in launching a green industrial revolution, because that is ther key to getting others to follow. and because it is in our own national interests to do so. just as america's greatest generation led the effort to defeat the axis powers during world war ii, so must ourleave generation now lead a world war ii-type national mobilization to save civilization fromli catastrophic consequences. we must think beyond paris.
11:39 am
in the first 100 days of the next administration, the president will convene a summit of the world's best -- that's repetition there -- engineers, climate scientists, policy experts, activists and indigenous communities to chart a course towards the healthy future we all want for our families and commitments. [applause] >> thank you. i'll make -- if the words repeated themselves as submitted, they'll be corrected. if not, we'll correct it because it was our fault. the proponent has one minute to explain. >> thank you, governor. russell green from california speaking on behalf of futurell generations. if i may request that you call for seconds to my amendment, i would like to begin to make my case. >> are there seconds? there are seconds, so the clock begins to run. five >> esteemed chairs, committee
11:40 am
members, this section of our platform is about responsibility. the section begins, "it would be a great mistake for america to abandon our responsibilities." we have no greater h responsibility than to respond, to lead the world in addressing the greatest threat humanity has ever known. abrupt global warming threatens to destabilize the climate system for tens of thousands of years, sending the earth into a hot state, inhospitable to humanity. if business as usual continues for much longer, a chain reaction of proliferating droughts, famines and subsequent state failures will cause the unraveling of an organized human community. furthermore, the global economy's overshoot -- [inaudible] mass extinction of species which threatens to wipe out much of life on earth within this century.ow if allowed to up fold be, it would take some -- unfold, it
11:41 am
would take some ten million years for life to the fully recover.r. this is the truth. responsibility. something that demands a response, a response to the best of your ability. america must rise to this moment. we must declare that we will. the truth is that we have it within our power to catalyze the process that will prevent the collapse of civilization. i ask that we amend our platform. we must call this out explicitly. it is not enough that this is the most progressive platform in democratic history. what matters is that it matches the moment. what will -- what we will be remembered from our work here this weekend is not only what we included, but what we left out. prioritizing a climate mobilization provides the most immediate path to social, economic and environmental justice. and with the world war ii home front mobilization, the climate mobilization will create full iployment and drastically
11:42 am
reduce inequality with the principle of fair and shared sacrifice embraced by all americans. my amendment also call on our next president to convene a summit of the world's best engineers, climate scientists, climate experts, policy experts, activists and indigenous communities to chart a path forward. i ask that you considered aing this -- considered aing this to our -- consider adding this to our platform. >> we have about two 23456 minutes for any other peekers. [applause] >> my name's david braun, and i'm from the state of california. and i'd like to just observe that when this amendment came up, the first time we've heard the sound of thunder. [laughter] the thunder gods are talking, people. [cheers and applause] sea level rise is real. climate science is real. we are here to take action andnd lead, and we need to do that.
11:43 am
>> two minutes. >> it is our commandment to be leaders of the future be, to look out for the children of the lookre. we are in the great state of florida which will be underwater unless we take dramatic action and soon, now. [applause] now is our moment. ms. and we have a responsibility. -- and we have a responsibility. how will you look your grandchildren in the eye when people are having to migrate or we're running out of food, when famine is plaguing the earth, when wars are going every? >> one minute. >> this is our opportunity to act. i ask you, i know people have been voting in blocs all day, but i ask you to reach and look into your heart and think, think about looking into the eyes of your children, the eyes of children who will be suffering in third world nations. we're america. we're leaders.
11:44 am
this is the democratic party. we're the party of fdr. we're the party of the new deal. [applause] in 1940 we had no army and no navy to speak of, but by 1945, by golly, we had the biggest army and the biggest navy in the we can do this. if we put our heads to it. [applause] >> thank you. >> but the -- [inaudible] are going to tell us we can't do it. >> thank you. >> don't believe the hype! renewable energy now! [cheers and applause] >> thank you. thank you. is there anyone wishing to be heard in opposition? is there anyone wishing to be herald in opposition? there being no one wishing to be heard in opposition, i'm going to call a question. all those in favor raise your white card. okay. >> here's one.s one. >> everyone, everyone who supports -- i'm sorry. this is everyone in favor please raise your hand. r
11:45 am
okay.. everyone in opposition please raise your hand. i would say the amendment passes. [cheers and applause] >> i have a dinner announcement. we are taking a dinner break which is being provided for the platform committee members only. dinner is located in the hallway to the right just outside the doors. please grab a plate and plan to eat inside the room. the dinner or break will be brief so we can continue with our meeting business. please, we'll stand in recess. thanks. [inaudible conversations] >> road to the white house coverage continues later today with donald trump speaking in virginia beach, virginia. he'll be talking about veterans' issues. the event is live, one p.m. eastern time. the republican national committee begins a week of meetings today prior to their
11:46 am
convention later this month. today they focus on the party platform and live coverage is on c-span3 at 2 p.m. eastern. congress returns to their final week before summer break. today the house considers a temporary funding extension for the federal aviation administration whose current funding expires friday. also interior department spending and a vote on a senate-passed genetically-modified food labeling bill. legislative work starts there, 2 p.m. eastern time on c-span. and the senate returns today at 4 p.m. to continue debate on the 2017 defense spending bill. that temporary faa funding extension is due on the senate floor after house action. a bill to prevent opioid abuse and zika virus funding also on the agenda this week. live coverage of the senate on c-span2. >> and we have more now from the dnc platform committee meeting.
11:47 am
the group is finalizing party policy positions for the presidential campaign. [inaudible conversations] >> all right. can everyone please take your seats? we're going to start some business. we actually have 11 other amendments to go, so we're going to do those. hopefully, we're going to have the other issue resolved on two amendments which areissu outstanding. so we're going to take up the ones that we can take up. please get back to us, because we could get out of here. understood, not a problem. all right, please take your seats. [inaudible conversations] courtney. >> amendment 62 sponsored by dennis. on page 14, line 14, the
11:48 am
proposed amendment is before line 14 add the following: as residents in many states will tell you, agriculture and the family farm are the lifeblood of their states.. as democrats, we encourage programs to protect and enhance a cherished way of life for millions of americans. >> our representative of colorado. >> [inaudible] >> okay. >> [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> is that on? now it's on. >> i actually thought we made a trade -- >> there we go. >> -- for who was -- there's a couple of similar amendments. but this one's the same. i don't know what happened to the other people's amendment. >> you know, we've gotten to
11:49 am
know you so well, we thought this would be the right one to do. [laughter] [applause]be the rig so why don't you speak to it -- >> there's no substitute for experience. [laughter] this is very self-explanatory. >> it is. so do we have 15 seconds?? we have those. is there anyone who's going to be heard to take a position g against farming? [laughter]tion aga in the absence thereof, i will call the question. all in favor of the amendment please lift your cards. anyone wishing to be registered otherwise? at your peril? [laughter]te it passes. >> thank you. [applause] >> now, courtney, if we have others, we'll take a quick look and see whether we'll rule themm in or out, okay? >> okay. >> go ahead, next amendment. >> amendment 71 has been withdrawn. amendment 126 sponsored by nancm
11:50 am
jacobson, on page 14, line 14. the proposed amendment is to insert the following: and to mitigate any negative effects of industrial agriculture operations on family and small farm operations and the environment.fa after the word "economy." the full sentence would then read as follows: we will work to build a stronger rural and agricultural economy and to mitigate any negative effects of industrial agriculture operations on family and small farm operations and the environment. >> so let me just ask, is this sufficiently different than the prior that you want to move forward with it? >> i would like to comment, to introduce it --nt >> please do. >> and then i plan to withdraw it. i do think that it is important that we actually make a commitment to do something if we're really serious about having industrial agricultureut and small farmers living in
11:51 am
harmony, that we commit to doing something to mitigate the damages things like chemical overspray, waste and all of those other things that happen, organic farms that respect really organic because they're being sprayed, many things. but in the interest of time this evening, i just wanted to call attention to the plight of the small farmers and that we should be doing something about but i will withdraw the amendment. >> thank you. it has been withdrawn. courtney, the next, please. thank you very much. >> amendment 185 sponsored by john matthews. on page 14, line 14, the proposed amendment would make this section read as follows: remove pure investment to power the rural economy. from page 14, line 14, add after line 19 the following: democrats will spur investment to power rural economy. we support strengthening rural
11:52 am
water, sewer and broadband infrastructure to make rural businesses more competitive. we will expand access to equity capital for businesses and expand the new market's tax credit to remove insufficient incentives to invest in rurall small businesses. and we will promote clean energy leadership and collaborative stewardship of our natural resources while expanding opportunities in rural commitments across america. we must build on rural america's clean energy leadership by developing clean fuels that will grow our economy, lower our energy bills, combat climate change and make america the clean energy be superpower of the 21st century. we will provide assistance to producers who conserve and improve natural resources on their farms and double loan guarantees that support the bio-based economy's dynamic growth. >> mayor. >> mr. chairman, i offer this on
11:53 am
behalf of senator john matthews and congressman benny thompson. as a representative of america's cities, we recognize the balancr of supporting our rural communities and offer, hopefully, without any objection. >> are there 15 seconds? there are 15 seconds. may i ask, does anyone intend to appear in opposition? >> i'd like to speak for it.t. >> okay. mayor, are you done? did you have anything you wanted to say? >> i am done. >> okay, please. thank you. >> my name's robert johnson, i'm from the great state of louisiana. i'll be quick, because i respect everybody's time. for too long the democratico party has really, they call us cocktail democrats and wine set. we really ignore the needs of rural people for way too long -- [applause] and these people are democrats and they don't know it. we need to, we need to address their needs, and this amendment will help do that. thank you so much. >> thank you. [applause] nip else? anyone else? >> so we'd just like to offer a
11:54 am
friendly amendment to say in the section here "we will promote clean energy leadership" to just "renewable clean energy leadership." clean renewable energy leadership. is that okay? >> we will accept that as a technical. so clean renewable will be added. all right? [inaudible conversations] >> no? not necessarily. do we have an agreement on that? take a look. do we have -- no agreement? [inaudible conversations] >> okay. all right. so it can only be done on a technical basis. there's not an agreement, so we're going to go to the motion. the motion has been seconded. there being no one else speaking to it, i'm going to call the question.
11:55 am
all those in favor, please, lift your white card. anyone wishing to register a negative vote?d. passes unanimously. next amendment. [applause] >> amendment number 199 sponsored by lerner limbaugh. on page 14, line 16, the proposed amendment is after word "ranchers" insert the followingi we will work to remove barriers for entering agriculture and help young people make careers in farming by recognizing farming as a public service under the public service loan forgiveness program. [applause] >> you have one minute. >> lerner limbaugh, washington state. fellow platform committee members, i'm very grateful for the opportunity to present this amendment to you today, and i hope that you will pass it unanimously. as a country, we are facing a crisis in our food system. the average age of farmers in
11:56 am
the u.s. is 58 years old. this is the highest this number has ever been. over the next 20 years, 400 million acres of farmland will change hands. who will this be handed to? it is unacceptable that farmers over the age of 65 outnumber farmers under the age of 35 by a margin of 6 to 1. it's unacceptable that there are over 300,000 fewer farmers than there were 20 years ago. it is unacceptable that in the early part of the 20th century there were nearly two million farmers under the age of 35 and that today there are less thandh 120,000. finally, it is unacceptable that the largest 10% of farms collect 75% of all federal farm subsidies while the smallest 62% do not receive any subsidies. >> do we have 15 seconds? >> the need for new farmers --
11:57 am
>> please. >> -- has never been greater, and the time to act is now -- >> we have them.nene >> it is a matter of national importance that we take bold steps to usher in a new generation of farm owner/operators. >> i think we have the seconds. >> thank you. >> do we have the argument? [applause] anyone wishing to be heard in opposition? no one wishing to be heard in opposition, i'll call the question. all those in -- up. opposition? >> opposition.s >> okay. okay. so in favor goes first. in favor goes first. >> my name is christine kramer, i'm from the great state of nevada. we need to recognize that our farmers in this country are also serving our urban communities. in las vegas we have the roots, vegas roots garden which provides fresh, healthy food to inner city communities that desperately need it. i would love to see that program grow through a public service loan forgiveness program. farmers are everywhere. they're in every county in our
11:58 am
country, and we need them. if they die off, where are we going to be? i'm asking for your support in the public service loan forgiveness program for farmers in our country. thank you. country [applause] >> anyone else? anyone pro? yep, pro.e? >> yeah. i just really wanted to second what has already been said here because i'm from new mexico, and we are a rural farm area. and those people are very underserved. and they are going to die out, and we aren't going to be able to have the dairy farms we have and the communities, the ranchers, the farmers aren't recognized. so just want to second and support it. >> thank you. please. >> steven woodruff from the northern mariana islands. i'm speaking in favor of this amendment because one of the great tragedies of the last 50 years has been the loss of the
11:59 am
family farms, the loss of diversity and real competitiveness in farming in favor of concentration andco industrialization in agriculture. [applause] >> anyone else? a >> we have more, yeah. farmers steward nearly half of all of the land in this nation, and we need farmers not only to produce the food that we eat, but also to to help us combat climate change and be good stewards of our soil, our air, our water, oceans and other natural resources.ces. this program would simply allow farmers to make ten years of income-driven payments, student loan payments before having their balance forgiven just like other public service jobs, government jobs, nurses, doctors. thank you. [applause]
12:00 pm
>> john yoakam from nebraska. the beef state where we have more cows than people. i stand in favor of this motion. [laughter] [applause] >> carly stephenson from indiana. pork and corp.. [laughter] pork and corn. and, you know, i very much want to see folks my age go into farming. i think this is a wonderfulol amendment, and i also believe that everyone in this room supports the family farm. and allowing farmers to get loan forgiveness will decrease the number of large industrial farms that we have and enable more folks to enter into farming ase small family farmers. thank you. >> great, thank you. [applause] .. >> i'm speaking in favor of the public loan forgiveness. in the county where i grew up, people are trying to farm. there are no colleges there.
12:01 pm
anyone else vote, okay. we've exhausted that. you can speak in opposition. yes. >> good evening or good night. i'm marge wakefield from kansas so we certainly know a little bit about farming there and believe me, i'm not here to talk against farmers area we know that in kansas that farming affects all of us, it affects the world. we feed the world but we are not here on this amendment to talk about farmers or farming. what this amendment is about is expanding this public service loan forgiveness program.
12:02 pm
that's generally poor work with tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations or those who work in the government such as peace corps. i'm sorry everybody, but farming is a business and these debts that you are talking about, for giving are not the sortof debt that farmers need forgiven. what farmers need forgiven our business debts .and i ask you to oppose this amendment, thank you. >> go-ahead. >> i just want to add a little bit in addition to that, >> a little closer. >> under the program for income-based payment, farmers don't make very much money, they would still be qualified to go into an income-based repayment program and get an affordable payment and qualify for loan forgiveness but not not be given the preference given to public servants because they are in a for-profit business and there are certain farming activities that are indeed
12:03 pm
quite lucrative as we look forward to especially things like marijuana farming and how do you draw the line? how do you draw the line between corporate farming? this is a significant change to the program and it should not be undertaken lightly. >> i'm sorry, from chicago. >> i'm see cole dylan from chicago. >> thank you. you had your time. >> this is related to a bill that is currently in the house with 13 cosponsors and the higher education act is up for reauthorization. it expired in 2014 and this is the perfect time to address it and this is binding, this is just saying that i support that. >> anyone else wishing to be heard in opposition? anyone else wishing to be heard in opposition? anyone else? so if you are in favor of the amendment please raise your
12:04 pm
white card. if you are against, if you are in opposition, overwhelmingly in opposition, thank you. do we have another amendment question mark. >> yes mister chair, amendment 54 sponsored by martha cervone you. on page 14, line 20. the proposed amendment would make this section read as follows. we believe it is time to restore industrial hemp is a staple of the united states agriculture. it is easy to grow even on poor soil, does not deplete the soil in which it is grown, does not require toxic chemicals for pest management or fertilization and has many practical uses. it is a renewable source of high quality rope, paper, fabric and oil including machine oils . can can be a crop that any
12:05 pm
farmer can profitably glow on land otherwise useful only for cattle breeding and other environmentally damaging or unsustainable uses. manufacture of products made from hemp will create new jobs. >> can we have one moment, one minute to introduce. >> thank you mister chair. my name is laura c forrest, i'm from the commonwealth of virginia but let's get one thing straight. industrial hemp is different from marijuana as cornflakes are from bourbon. growing hemp was once every americans patriotic duty. since world war ii, that stopped but virtually all the world lies nations never ended the 10,000 year history of this plants usefulness and ease of environmentally benign cultivation. we should rejoin them. in my state of virginia whose general assembly is a
12:06 pm
republican control, legislation recently made it to the desk of democratic governor terry mcauliffe whose signature made it legal in the commonwealth to research hemp cultivation and manufacture products made from health. other states have passed similar laws. federal leadership is needed to restore this crop to its former place of usefulnessand economic opportunities for all americans . >>. [applause] amendment has been offered, are there 15 second errors? there are 15 second errors. is there going to be opposition? there's going to be opposition so those speaking on behalf of should go first, you have five minutes. >> my name is christine kramer from the state of nevada. nevada needs hemp production. this is a future industry for my state that i want to see americans employed in. these are jobs that cannot be outsourced . the basis for why hemp is illegal goesdown to our centuries history of racism .
12:07 pm
that latinos grew hemp. it became illegal and it's also going back to nick sony and policies, richard nixon hated hemp also. i'm asking for my democrats to evolve that it's time to have a cash crop over here. no one is getting high but we're going to create good clean jobs, fabric, and semi-plastics. thank you very much. >> four minutes. >> i'd also like to say essentially the same thing for the state ofnew mexico. we are first in childhood poverty , we have terrible time with jobcreation . if we have already decided on this platform that we voted to take marijuana off schedule one, this has
12:08 pm
nothing to do with the use of marijuana. this is an industrial product, you cannot get high. there are ways to grow it so you don't bond. it's just, it's kind of a no-brainer. >> state your name please. >> nicole magneto. we need this desperately. >> three minutes. >> phyllis wilder from kentucky.we have recently been granted the ability to start, i'm sorry. we've recently been granted the ability to start studying have in kentucky and we feel that it can provide a really great economic part opportunity in the regions our state that have been devastated by the decline of the coal industry. we've got areas where it's very hard to make a living off the land and this could be one of the few things in kentucky that can grow in
12:09 pm
difficult areas and in regards to its relationship with marijuana, not only is obviously entirely different from it and it's frankly a little silly to penalize hemp for an interactive social taboo but have an marijuana for what it's worth, they cross pollinate. so not only can you not get high from him but if you go them in proximity to each other it ruins the marijuana crop so it's not, the idea that hemp production would facilitate more marijuana growth and use is the exact opposite is actually true. >> two minutes left. john yocum from nebraska. 1942, department of agriculture report says that nebraska would be the best place to grow hemp, industrial hemp and the recent bloomberg report said hemp could be nebraska's goldmine so i encourage you to vote for this.
12:10 pm
[applause] >> one minute. favorable? >> favorable. >> tony parts from alabama. tony parker from alabama. three points. hemp doesn't need fertilizer. hemp does not need fertilizer and restores the soil. and if you really want to vote american, the first flag betsy ross made was made out of hemp cloth and the constitution is on hemp paper. [applause] >> you have 30 seconds. >> show carmichael from iowa. even in iowa we need it. it is one of the few things that can restore the soil that has been growing by industrial agriculture. please pass it. >> that concludes the arguments for, any
12:11 pm
opposition, comments against? >> margie wakefield from kansas. the current draft that is before you includes a robust agenda for strengthening the rural and agricultural economy area we call for increasing funding to support the next generation of farmers and ranchers and we call for expanding our local food markets and regional food systems. we call for a focused safety net to assist family operations that need support during challenging times. and we call for promoting clean energy leadership and collaborative stewardship of our natural resources. but we don't believe that we should single out any particular crop in america for our agricultural economy. all of our farmers and
12:12 pm
ranchers play a vital role and we've got to support all of their efforts and the crops grown. thank you, i urge you to vote against number 54 and i'm speaking on bath of the clinton campaign. >> anyone else, please? >> thank you mister chairman, i'm bruce thompson from north carolina, i come from a farming family, the next generation of farmers has begun in our family. i agree with the speaker that just wentbefore me . that farming is vital to a state like north carolina. but my family grows a number of other crops that they would love to have singled out in this platform.this is not the approach we need to take, we need to take the approach that is already in a platform andplease vote no on this amendment . >> any other comments, there being no other comments i will call the question. all those supporting the amendment please raise your white tag. all those, all right.
12:13 pm
all those supporting, raise your tag. all those opposing, raise your tags. were going to have a 32nd vote. yes, we agree. set it up. please vote. [inaudible conversation] 15 seconds.
12:14 pm
the amendment passed. any additional amendments? >> yes mister chair. amendment 164 sponsored by ben crump. on page 14, line 40 the proposed amendment is on page 14, line 40. after the words reentry programs for formerly incarcerated people, insert the following: we will expand and makepermanent the new market tax credits . >> okay, shall we it? this is a one minute or less introduction. >> we might make it 30 seconds. benjamin crump with the new market tax credit. the new market tax credit is working, it has been helping low income communities, i can
12:15 pm
give you a lot of specifics to talk about how good it is but i think i would be preaching to the choir. >> do we have 15 seconds? we have 15. do we have 15 sequiturs? thank you. anyone, is anyone going to be heard in opposition? anyone going to be heard in opposition? in the absence thereof i'm going to call a quick question, all those in favor raise your cards area yes. >> i'm for it but i have a secondary amendment i would like to offer. >> is this being offered by one of thecampaigns? >> it being offered by the northern mariana islands . where is territory and there's no specific provision that has been adopted by this committee . >> it's out of order. we have an agreement because the only secondary that was taken up was taken up
12:16 pm
pursuant to agreement with the two campaigns, we've honored that throughout the process. >> i don't want to fight, that's a process we agreed to follow. >> if you'd consider adding it on its own. >> i tell you what, tell us what it is and i'll see if it can be done on a technical basis so bear with me a moment. >> i don't think it's just a technical basis .but it's relative to another provision in this tech which is the earned income tax credit and benefits the territory. >> that is out of order, were going to proceed to the vote on the question that's before us, and amendment has been offered and it has found secondary. all those in favor of the amendment please raise your white cards.
12:17 pm
anyone against? please raise your white cards, it passes. do we have another amendment? >> we do mister chair. amendment 152, sponsored by stephen benjamin on page 14, line 42. the proposed amendment is to insert the following section in the section title after line 42 on page 14 following poverty. the title is still being strong cities in metro areas and the section reads democrats have a comprehensive agenda to invest in america's cities, grounded on the premise that local leaders are best equipped to create a better future for their residents but need the resources and flex ability to get the job done. we also recognize there is no silver bullet for building strong neighborhoods and strong cities but rather we must address the challenge across many interconnected
12:18 pm
fronts from housing to schools to jobs to transportation to health area we will dramatically increase federal infrastructure funding for our cities, making significant new investments in roads and bridges, public transit, drinking and wastewater systems, broadband schools and more. the crash also will revitalize communities being dragged down by physical bk by building on programs like the neighborhood stabilization program and the hardest hit fund which has helped cities across the country begin to address these challenges. we will provide resources to helpovercome light , expand community development, brooke block grant funds, provide more housing support for high poverty communities and build affordable renting house all units and we will support our partnerships and small business growth in cities by providing mentoring and training to entrepreneurs and
12:19 pm
small business owners in underserved ... >> okay. underserved communities? >> communities. and expanding federal funding for the new market tax credit community . >> okay, mayor? >> mister chairman, madam chair, as former mayors you understand the strength and importance of this. as former president of the african mayors association, i yield my time. >> emotion has been offered and are there 15 second errors? there are 15 second? is going is anyone going to wish to be heard in opposition? if it's in opposition, are you done with your comment? it's not in opposition. is it? >> good evening, good morning everybody. >> this is merely a reminder
12:20 pm
about the territories included because our town , some of my friends in puerto rico may have a population to qualify, certainly in the virgin islands we do not. i'm not sure about the northern marianas but this is again a case where it should not walk us out of these mechanisms so again, technical. >> we will direct that to the technical side and if there's an opportunity to reflect that in the use of this particular tax credit , it may be a possibility but i'll refer it for technical review. with that as understood, does anyone else intend to speak against? in the absence thereof i will call a question having found secondary, all those in favor raise your white cards. anyone wishing to register a negative? one, too. no, that wasn't negative. it passes unanimously.
12:21 pm
do we have another amendment? >> yes mister chair. amendment 44, 142. 218, 217 and 45 honoring indigenous tribal nations will be addressed by deborah parker, charles hoskins and jodi gillett. >> somebody should come up or all three. [applause] so time has gone into this work and if you could report out on the product that would be great. >> mister chairman there's a unity amendment agreement and at this time i'd like to ask miss parker to step forward please. >> thank you. >> thank you, i'd like to
12:22 pm
read the unity amendment. we will engage in meaningful and productive consultation with tribal leaders and will host a white house tribal nationsconference annually , bringing together cabinets and senior-level federal officials together input from tribal nations in formulating federal policy impacting tribes. democrats believe that american indian alaskan natives shall be represented in the federal government to properly reflect their needs and will work to appoint american indian natives to keep positions including retaining a senior-level policy position in the white house domestic policy council . we will strengthen white house counsel on native american affairs and democrats will increase engagement with american indians, alaskan natives living outside tribal communities . >> okay. do we have 15 second errors?
12:23 pm
>> we have 15 seconds. is there anyone intending to be heard in opposition? with respect to the offering which will, which is in writing and will go to the proper authorities, i think i'm in a position to call a question. i will call the question, all in favor ofthe unity plank , pleasesignify by raising your cards . anyone? anyone wishing to be heard in opposition, it passes unanimously,thank you very much for your hard work and thanks for the campaign coming together, very good . i'm sorry. no, we are referencing specifically 44, 45, 142 and 218.
12:24 pm
okay. [inaudible conversation] okay. >> amendment 142 will not be included with those other amendments mentioned. >> take that off the list, 44, 45, 217 and 218 have been unified and by our action unless there is objection in a unity amendment. now that i've clarified that, is there any reason to call a second vote? everyone understand what we did? any objections what we did? 142 is restored to its prior former status. thank you very much. [applause] next. >> amendment 142 sponsored by colleen had a moussa, on page 16 line 25, the proposed amendment is for this action to read as follows: democrats also support self-governance
12:25 pm
and self-determination of native hawaiians. native hawaiians are the indigenous aboriginal people of hawaii values and culture are the foundation of the hawaiian islands. we support proactive action by the federal government to enhance native hawaiian culture, health, language and education. we recognize and honor the contributions and sacrifices made in service to our country by nativehawaiians . >> one minute to explain. >> thank you mister chair. the existing proposal in the platform is actually just the first instance but as everyone is probably aware, we have always been sort of delegated into this strange position of one sentence. what this does, what this amendment does is it recognizes the native hawaiians are a different
12:26 pm
indigenous native group. we're the only state that had a kingdom. we're the only state that had a different structure than what people may be accustomed to. as a result, we are in the process now of going through a proposed rule with the secretary of interior that is there to reestablish a government to government relationship with native hawaiians. we believe this provision in the platform is a clear that democrats recognize the uniqueness of that which is a native hawaiian. [applause] >> any seconders? there are a sufficient number of seconders area is there anyone to be heard in opposition? in the absence of anyone being heard in opposition, ... >> may i say a few words because i'm a last? i just want to make it clear that bernie sanders has also
12:27 pm
supported the right to native hawaiians self-determination as has president obama and secretary clinton so this is something i believe we can be absolutely uniform in. thank you. [applause] >> i'm going to call the question, all those in favor please signify by raising your white cards . anyone wishing to express a different view? senator was at. were you voting, no. it seems to pass unanimously, thank you. we have another amendment >> we you mister chair. amendment 130 has been withdrawn . >> amendment 104 has been withdrawn. amendment 195 has been withdrawn. amendment 207 has been withdrawn. amendment 84 has been withdrawn. amendment 203 has been
12:28 pm
withdrawn. amendment 113 has been withdrawn but there has been an agreement made to recognize doctor cornell west to make a statement. >> pursuant to agreement of thetwo campaigns , doctor west. [applause] >> i would first like to salute the chairperson and chairwoman for the wonderful job you've done. the energy, it's a masterpiece and your commitment to the process. i will be very brief but i'm standing here in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in puerto rico that we had wonderful dialogues with the clinton people and they had improvement but it was still in some ways not adequate and therefore i speak for what is going on in the island, on the island on the one hand
12:29 pm
but we did acknowledge that our dear brother roscoe lopez rivera who has been in prison for 34 years, who embodies the rich spirit of our peaceful compost and lolita lebron and in the name of self-determination of the puerto rican people because it's a reminder, it's a sobering reminder of the interior dimension of our fragile experiment in democracy called the usa and we know the level of social misery on the island right now the control borders and so forth so i want to take a moment to put that on the record even given the very cordial dialogue we had with our brothers and sisters. >> thank you very much. [applause] is there another amendment? >> there is mister chair.
12:30 pm
amendment 172 sponsored by wind mccormick on page 16, line 45. the proposed amendment is as follows: arts and culture. democrats are proud of our support for all arts funding and education. we are committed to continuing the policies and programs that have already done so much or our creative arts industry and economy. investment in the arts strengthens our communities and contributes to our nation's rich cultural heritage area we will continue to support public funding for the national endowment for the arts, for the national endowment for the humanities and for programs providing arts and music education in primary and secondary schools. the entire nation prospers when we protect and promote the unique and original artistic and cultural contributions of the women and men create and preserve our nation's heritage. >> the maker, you have one


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